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How to go to Barcelona Airport at night?

how to go to Barcelona airport at night
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How to go to Barcelona Airport at night? Do you love travelling and do you not mind doing it at any time? Some of the best flight offers to travel are available at night but some inconveniences could come up when you decide to get a flight at that time. This happens because most of the transport services are reduced after 23.30 h. Nevertheless, apart from Aerobús, there are other options to go to Barcelona Airport at night and this way you will arrive on time to happily start your journey. Stay tunned to this post!

Line L9 of Metro This is an ideal option to go to El Prat Airport because there are several stations that connects the city centre to Airport-T1 and Airport-T2. The service is available up to 24.00 h in a week day and 2.00 h at weekends but you have to bear in mind some inconveniences when getting it. First thing first to take into account is that it takes 30 minutos to arrive at the stations corresponding to L1, L3 or L5. Another disadvantage is that you have to valid your ticket and pay 4,50€ extra fee when getting out of the Metro station.

The price of an single Metro ticket to go to Barcelona Airport is 4,50€. L46 bus L46 is another option to go to Barcelona Airport at night, even though you have to be aware of its timetable, as the last one runs after half past twelve. But this is not the only disadvantage you can find when getting this bus line: the L46 route goes only from Plaça Espanya to Terminal 1. So, you will have to get the shuttle services available between the two terminals if you need to arrive at Terminal 2.

The price of a single L46 Bus ticket is 2,10€. NitBus This can be a recommended option if you flight is going to take off after 1.00 h. The line NitBus N17 is a night bus service running more than nineteen times from 23.00 at night to 5.00 h in the morning, having a 20-minute frequency.

Go to Barcelona Airport at night

The only thing to bear in mind is that you will also need to take a shuttle service to go from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2, as this night bus only gets to Barcelona Airport Terminal 1. The price of an individual Night bus ticket is 2,15€. Rodalies (Commuter trains) of Renfe R2 is the line running from El Clot to Airport Barcelona El Prat, having two stations in the city centre: Paseo de Gracia and Sants.

It takes 26 minutos from Paseo de Gracia to Barcelona Airport, but this train does not get to Terminal 2 so you will have to get a shuttle when arriving at Terminal 2. Besides, the last train runs at about 23.00 h from Barcelona centre. The price of fan individual Renfe Commuter Train is 4,10€ and it takes you directly to Terminal 1. Taxi The fastest option to go to Barcelona Airport may be to get a taxi.


There will always be a one at any part of the city center. The only thing you have to take into account if you decide to use this kind of transport is the price, as you will have to pay about 30€ to get to El Prat Airport. Aerobús As it could not be otherwise, Aerobús is also a magnificent way to go to Barcelona Airport at night. The last bus running from Plaça Catalunya to Barcelona Airport is at 1.00 h every 10 minutes, so you will not have any problem if you need to be there to get a flight at night.

Apart from the timetable, Aerobús has many other advantages (read them all here), such as Wi-Fi and USB connection and it arrives at both Terminal 1 and 2. The price of a single ticket is 5,90€ whereas the return ticket costs 10,20€. Undoubtedly, Aerobús is the fastest and the most comfortable way to go to Barcelona Airport. If you decide to use this mean of transport it will be a great value for money.

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