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A website for traveling photographers

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Yes, we know you love traveling and share your experiences but you are always asking yourself how to create a nice photography website for travelers? Here we show you the proffessional way.

An important think you always need to remember: Your portfolio only contains your best work, your archive on the other hand is a repository of all your edited images ordered by categories and/or locations. Each image has a title, a description and tags. The more images you have on your archive the more often your work will appear in search. This seems obvious but having a good looking portfolio and interesting projects on it is the main reason why people will eventually bookmark your website or even share it.

You can use an excellent web for photographers to create and maintain your archive located at

There are two different kinds of photographers, the ones who shoot landscapes (often HDR or over-edited) and apply a fat cursive-type watermark to all his shots and displays a “©Breezy Pixellzzz Photography” on his website when you try to right click one of his image, and the others. We hate watermarks and we don’t see the point of restricting right-clicks on your website (because the truth

is, anyone with basic internet knowledge can inspect elements and find the images anyway).

Website for traveling photographers

Think of a photo editor from a magazine who lands on your website and wants to save one of your images to include it into a presentation (in Indesign) in order to pitch a client and can’t do it. The more barriers and watermarks you put on your work the less likely it will spread around. People

will steal your work no matter how much you protect it and they will remove your watermarks if they want to. For protecting your images there are far better options than removing right-clicks and putting an ugly signature on your work.

Tips to get visits to your traveler website:

Publishing articles or having a side project is one of the best way to get more people to end up visiting your portfolio. They may not have seen your website yet but there’s a small chance that if they enjoy your read, they’ll probably want to check out your work.

We’re always stronger when we’re together. Being part of a community plays an important role in networking. It can be your local photoclub, a Facebook group, a forum or just connecting with a group of photographers in your city.

Get outside and hang out with the right people, attend every photography-related events and conferences. You can even start doing talks if you feel confident enough.

Try to get out in the real world as much as possible, nothing really beats meeting people face to face.

Spread the love, share it!