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London, a leading fashion destination

London fashion destination
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London has become the capital of fashion by uniting in perfect harmony the new with the classic, and strengthening the sector with tourism.


Since 2013 London has become the most popular tourist destination in the world, with increases that exceed 20% of the number of foreign visitors, and receiving profits with it that are in the order of 36 billion pounds. In 2016, it has beaten records by the increase of 7% in compared to the previous year, with 3.8 million tourists. Although part of these figures is due to the fact that it is a city with more than two millennia of history, it has also influenced its immense impulse in the sector of the fashion, and the industry of luxury articles, from fashion weeks, revolutions of fashion and access to boutiques where you can purchase any number of luxury items such as limited edition handbags, everything has come together to also give it the title of the new capital of fashion.


One of the main reasons why London has become a fashion benchmark among tourists, and citizens in general, is that it is considered the best showcase in the world; it has 70% of the fashion brands and luxury items in existence in the planet. The first-tier area offers more than 1000 boutiques on more than 65 streets, such as Fenwick London, where you can find varied and prestigious boutiques, from Armani, Chanel, and other exclusive where you can buy limited edition handbags; but also you can find boutiques with more accessible products, since one of its main characteristics is that they coexist the new with the classic in perfect harmony, from the flagship stores in Oxford Street, to gifts and bric-a-brac at London’s markets.


Another reason why London is chosen as a tourist destination for fashion is its fashion week. The truth is that it has had a great evolution, since it tended to give more importance to the fashion week in Paris or New York, but now it is reinventing itself, offering greater energy and colour. In this year were present designers that have redefining the aesthetics of the future, like Chistopher Kane, Simone Rocha and Alexander McQueen, and most of them have their own shops in the capital and have made London an essential location for the realization of the event.


In addition to this, London has always led the fashion revolution, breaking the established parameters, altering the systems and even is the mecca of Fash Tech. It is the first capital to retrace the parades live, in 2009, which made it the epicentre of fashion and technology. Fash Tech (the intersection between fashion and technology) is fundamental to the growth of the sector, and today the leadership of it is in the hand of the British.


The truth is that fashion and shopping is just one of the greatest attractions to visit the British capital, along with it we can find fascinating museums, more green spaces than any other European city, the best theatre stage, and tourist attractions, such as the London Eye. And this is just a few of the reasons for the increase in tourism over the years.

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