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The best boat party

boat party
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House music has become a lot more intimate these days. When a long time ago people would pack into super clubs to sweat it out with 4,000 other revelers. The trend over the past years was towards boutique experiences, with clients seeking laid-back intimacy in place over-blown all-nighters. Now is the time for the boat party.

Boat party

This has all been music to the ears of Spanish boat hire operators. Inviting waters in addition with some of the best names in the house music World has always excited holidaymakers looking for a replacement to the huge night club.

carlcox boat party

The best boat party in Ibiza

The biggest boat parties on the island are regular sunset boat sessions. Sailing from San Antonio every Tuesday and Thursday, these are renowned for combining beautiful sunsets with some of the best house DJs around.

Europe’s original party island, Ibiza has pretty much defined the boat party as we all know it today. From massive party cruises to tiny yachts designed for 15 mates to have a chill, Ibiza has a boat for it. And thanks mainly to the Balearic’s breath-taking coast lines and un-forgettable sunsets, you know it’s going to be iconic.

The best Ibiza boat party has fast gained a reputation for being the wildest and coolest boat party on the island. With 4 HOURS of Ibiza at its hedonistic best, brace yourself for an amazing atmosphere. Gangs of gorgeous party people and great music.

The best spot to dance your stress away is here. Join our Multi- National “like-minded individuals” looking for a great time. This 4-hour cruise will be the most exciting 4 hours you get to spend in Ibiza.
You will never want to step foot on dry land again. Dancing to the biggest tunes in the sunshine, looking out at sea.

Get ready to have your mind blown!

boat party
                                                        Boat party

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