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Socks in Spanish, how do you say it?

socks in spanish
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To travel the world and see beautiful places you will need good shoes and good socks. How do you say socks in Spanish? Well, the meaning in the Spanish language is “Calcetines“.

A simple word that I’m sure you’ll have to use quite a few times because if you’re a good traveler you’ll need a few good pairs.

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Socks Spanish

It can also be translated as “medias” if we are speaking in the feminine.

Example: “Right before they see my socks

if you are looking for how to say socks in Spanish we leave the right pronunciation here

There are also groups specialized in teaching Spanish and free on Facebook, where people can learn everything you need to make your trip to a Spanish speaking country easier.

How to learn Spanish?

If you are just to do one thing in your quest to Spanish fluency, my recommendation would be to focus on this method. Fact of the matter is, having an online tutor will quadruple your results compared to time spent in an actual classroom.

Why, you might ask? A classroom environment is focused on teaching several students (all learning at different paces) all at once.

At most, you might have a couple speaking interactions in one class sitting.

However, an online tutoring session is 100% focused on you the student. You are the reason for the class and since you are the focus you will do the speaking and hearing.

Having a good Spanish tutor is without a doubt the main reason I was able to get to Spanish fluency in less than a years’ time.

We highly recommend the public and free Learn Spanish group. you will not only learn to say “calcetines“. There are many native people helping everyone who wants to learn Spanish online there in an altruistic way. As well there is a Facebook page really fun called “Snacks of Spanish”

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