It is Friday morning and nothing to do. You can enjoy a quick cheap weekend travel. First one step is to choose destination. No more 3 or 4 hours far away by flight from home. Its always better move to a smaller airport to get cheap flights.  If you can move on Thursday afternoon or night, do it! sometimes is 40% cheaper.

You can get a cheap ride as well, websites like coride or blablacar are the most used to ridesharing. Even in New Zealand or Australia you can use relocation services like imoova to rent a car and not to pay or get a great discount.

How to get free accommodation while traveling


Accommodation is one of the biggest problems travelers face. There are many cheap alternatives and even some free ones you can get when traveling.

  • Couchsurfing

Accommodation for free while you are traveling the world. These people do it because they are interested in meeting people, sharing their culture or finding an adventure partners. Both the host and the traveler can leave reference about one another at end of the traveler stay.

You can find good houses to stay for free from sites such as HospitalityClub and warmshowers

  • Guest House

There is less social interaction and a decent sized private room in guesthouse. It is a better option than staying in hostel where you have no privacy but much social interaction. Some guesthouse will include breakfast while some may not. The price of guesthouse can vary (from 10$) depending on the location however they are very cheap compared to a hotel.

  • Backpacker Hostel

Backpacker hostels are very affordable option for a budget-minded traveler. You will get an accommodation that you have to share with other people. You will also share the toilet and bathroom together. It is usually somewhere in the region of $5-$20 per night to get a decent hostel. The hostels are furnished with bunk-beds and can accommodate an average of 4-10 persons per room. Most hostel will serve you breakfast

  • Short-Term Apartment

The owner may decide to rent out an apartment to a traveler on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These apartments feel like home, they are fully furnished and you will also have a kitchen to cook your foods. Most importantly, they are very cheap. In airbnb you can find them from 30$.


You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive hotels before you get to travel the world. If you are open-minded, you can choose one of the various options above to get a cheap accommodation or transport as you fulfill your dream of traveling the world.