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Bag yourself some divine style

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ONESIXONE is a luxury bag brand inspired by the number known as the golden ratio. This number has been applied to the proportions of the most unique and beautiful designs in architecture and history including the pyramids of Egypt and Notre Dame in Paris and now inspired by this divine proportion, synonymous with beauty and harmony, this number has been applied and epitomised in a series of one hundred and sixty-one luxury handbags. The limited handbags are handmade and limited to two collections a year.

The bags are hand crafted using traditional methods and are customised and numbered to create an exclusive and personalised collection of exquisite handbags. Designed by Adrian Salvador and jewellery designer Helena Rohner the bag is perfectly proportioned and with each collection, the ONESIXONE bag finishes are refreshed by artists, each inspired to create collections said to mirror the artist’s creativity.

Collaborations with artists to select the designs and materials to be used in the collection all help to create truly unique pieces, to be worn with style and pride by women. “Each collection, each bag has its own history”, a true representation of the collaborating artists’ thoughts and creativity. Each collection is truly unique making ONESIXONE an exclusive collection. The limited handbags of each collection are representations of the artistic mind. The artists chose the shapes, colours, techniques to be used to allow the brand to remain highly desirable and unique.

Whether it is the hexagonal perfect golden ratio or the geometric shapes of the infinity circle and the Aureau circle, each piece has been carefully crafted and designed to create beautiful pieces and using tactile luxurious materials, such as calf leather, lamb nappa and goat leather, these are truly unique and exclusive pieces. With such a limited collection, women who own a ONESIXONE bag are amongst a select group.

The most recent collections saw the bags created by leather artisans and finished with invisible magnetic closures and hand painted edges to create timeless, classic pieces that form part of a statement wardrobe, the go with everything bag. These limited pieces are an investment in style.

Using the divine ratio to create the handbags, the collaborating artists are able to tell a story harnessing the properties of the golden ratio to promote harmony and balance and continued through the use of different materials and finishes to create handbags reflecting whatever impression the artist wants to portray.

The brand values are centred around contemporary design meeting traditional crafting, exclusive but functional to create the tote, hobo and pouch bags. The designs are repeated in various sizes to help meet a woman’s needs. Whether it is a pouch to add to style to an evening outfit, or a smart large tote practical enough for the office, classy and sophisticated enough to be more than just function and form. ONESIXONE bags are a talking point and a worthwhile investment for any woman.

The bags explore the Spanish traditions of craftwork and the collaborating artists use the most innovative techniques to create the finished product. These bags are gaining celebrity status and the likes of Michelle Obama are already quoting ONESIXONE as one of their favourite brands. So keep good company and bag yourself some divine style with a ONESIXONE bag.

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